Open Science and Open Source: Using Gephi to visulaize research.

  • What kind of research data are they processing with it?
  • Have they published any scripts or hacks for the software?
    • No, although the researcher did experience limitations with the current code.
  • Is there a neat visualization made from their data with one of the open source tools?
    • The Graph for “Betweenness Centrality with ForceAtlas2” made it clear how other countries were using main countries as hubs for their immigration.

Interact with Open Research- Anthony Salvagno’s Open Notebook

Who is the researcher and what are they researching?

What tools (software) are they using in their research?

  • WordPress is the host of his open notebook, but he uses a combination of systems (including Figshare and Google Documents) to host information.

Where can you find their datasets and other raw outputs?

  • Many items have been loaded directly to wordpress, if not he links out to them from a wordpress page.

Where can you find their published/unpublished OA papers or blog posts?